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This is an exciting new venture for Wheatsheaf Farming based in the beautiful north Hampshire village of North Waltham.

We use a system called Regenerative farming, the basics of which are minimising soil movement, keeping a living root in the soil as long as possible, using less fertilisers and chemicals and encouraging a wide diversity of plant species and insects.

Regenerative farming is designed to work with nature.

Our Spelt is of the highest quality, it is an ancient grain, grown by early civilisations and is similar to wheat in its appearance in the field. It has a tough outer husk that has to be removed before milling.

Both the wholemeal and light spelt flour are multi-purpose flours. It has enough protein to produce a good risein bread but is also suitable for cakes, pastries and biscuits. The flour has a distinctive nutty sweet flavour and aroma.

Although not gluten free, generally the evidence is that spelt is easier to digest than some wheat and is popular with consumers who suffer with delicate digestive systems.

Quality and provenance are important to us, so invest in your community and buy local.

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