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In the last 11 years Wheatsheaf Farming has been changing the way that it produces crops. In the past all the crops were established in the more conventional way by using ploughs and cultivators to work the soil and bury weeds. This would produce a seedbed into which the seeds could be planted. Fertilser and various plant protection materials would then be applied to the crop to stop pests and diseases and produce a crop to be harvested.

We now use a system called  'Regenerative Farming.'

The basics of this type of farming are minimising soil movement, keeping a living root in the soil as long as possible, using less fertilisers and chemicals and having diverse plant species as much as possible.

For more detailed information click the link below.

DBFBE31C-7FDC-4D00-9FED-99A spelt in field. A396B4337.jpg

Wheatsheaf Farming  Folly Farm  North Waltham  Basingstoke  Hampshire  RG25 2BS

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