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Spelt Flour Recipes

Our spelt flour is regenerative, climate friendly and grown locally in rural Hampshire. It’s high quality and multi purpose, containing enough protein to give a good rise in bread but also great for cakes, biscuits, pizza bases, muffins and pastry, in fact it can be substituted in any recipe containing flour. If a raising agent is required, add a teaspoon of baking powder for every 100 grams of flour. Spelt, although not gluten free,  is known to be much more digestible than many modern wheats and is therefore popular with consumers and home bakers who suffer from delicate digestive systems. The recipes are tried and tested, simple to follow but show you just how versatile and delicious spelt flour can be. We will keep adding to the website each week, so keep an eye out for new recipes.

If you want to try our flour, look for local stockists on the or contact Kate on and we will try our hardest to get some to you.

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Wheatsheaf Farming  Folly Farm  North Waltham  Basingstoke  Hampshire  RG25 2BS

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