Reko Ring

A click and collect Farmers Market for Hampshire

Reko is derived from Finnish, an abbreviation of "real or fair consumption". Started by a Finnish farmer and has expanded to over 1000 such rings worldwide.

A Reko ring is an online pre-sold farmers market, where local producers, group together ton sell their goods online and then drop them off to the customer in an agreed location, once a week at a predetermined time.

All goods must be produced by the seller themselves with absolute transparency about how they were produced.

How it works

1. Join the email list www.holisticland.co.uk/reko

or Facebook group REKO RING (Hampshire UK)

2. Order from the producers website.

An email or Facebook posting will give you a list of producers offering produce that week. A link to each producers website will allow you to purchase your goods.

3. Pick up your purchases from the collection point, specific will be given in the contact email of Facebook posting.

Wheatsheaf have joined the first Hampshire Reko ring to enable you to purchase our regeneratively grown Spelt flour.